Our Team

  • Boaz Saar

    Boaz Saar founded The Fitness Cell in 2006.  As a former Israeli officer, he is a master of method.  He delivers results with order and precision and approaches training with a scientific, yet practical method. Boaz’s experience and teaching ability makes him an integral part of The Fitness Cell.  He hand-picked a team of expert trainers with different specialties to deliver a fitness program that is well rounded and can go deep at an advanced level.

  • Heather Culton

    Heather Culton started her fitness career as a professional dancer and Pilates instructor.  Over the years she developed her own method combining the most effective elements of Ballet, Yoga, and Pilates. Heather teaches how to connect to the smaller muscle groups that help prevent injuries and enhance your overall fitness regimen. Improve posture and alignment as you develop greater flexibility and fluidity of movement. Heather embraces the individuality of each client and customizes a subtle but powerful program to maximize full range of motion and make your overall movement more effective. Whether you’re looking for the long, lean look of a dancer or a restorative supplement to improve your golf game, Heather’s method has far reaching rewards.

  • Jordan Bellish

    Jordan Bellish has over a decade of experience as a personal trainer.  He focuses on Functional Lifting while emphasizing the importance of corrective exercises and injury prevention. Jordan is certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine and Kettlebell Concepts.  He also holds certifications in pre/post-natal training and sports-specific conditioning.

    Jordan puts his methods to the test in Olympic Lifting and Strongman Competitions. He also trains in Mixed Martial Arts and holds seminars to educate trainers on the importance of movement screens and proper form.  Jordan has a degree in psychology from Hofstra University which helps him keep clients mentally focused and motivated. He applies all his knowledge and experience towards bringing out the leaner, stronger, and more athletic version within each client.

  • Brian Hammond

    Brian Hammond is our resident Endurance expert.  He has 17 years of experience working as a personal trainer and an educator to other trainers. He has a degree from West Virginia University and holds certifications from NCSF, USA Weightlifting, Precision Nutrition, and USA Triathlon.  Brian designs strength-based sessions with the purpose of taxing the cardiovascular system. And for those that like to get outside and run/bike, Brian works alongside you to help you safely build toward any race or competition.

    Brian is a USA Triathlon All-American, Ultra Marathoner, and completed 5 Ironman Triathlons.  He is currently training for the Ultraman, which is a 3-day, 320 mile individual event.

  • Manuel Rodriguez

    Manuel Rodriguez is the Fitness Cell expert in Power Lifting and Body Building. He has 9 years of experience as a personal trainer in New York’s elite fitness centers. Manny graduated at the top of his class in the American Academy of Personal Training where he focused on exercise science, training adaptations, and exercise prescription.

    Manny learned to Box at a young age from his father who was an All-Army Boxing Coach.  He has 16 years of boxing experience. In his spare time, Manny is weight training, boxing, playing basketball and football.   He always has a smile on his face and motivates clients to bring a great attitude and work ethic into each session.