Train at The Fitness Cell

A “fitness cell” is a group of trainers who work together to deliver a comprehensive program. Founder, Boaz Saar, handpicked a suite of coaches with distinct expertise to collaborate and build bespoke programs. You work with 5 experts across Strength, Power, Endurance, Flexibility, and Skill. All aspects of fitness are covered and you can go deep at an advanced level in any area.

The Fitness Cell Difference

When Boaz opened the doors a decade ago, he had a vision to create a wellness platform at the highest standard. Rotate across 5 expert trainers. A sun-lit brownstone next to Central Park. Complimentary towel service, lockers, laundry, and protein shakes.

A Scientific Approach

Fitness is defined differently by each individual. Whether you are seeking to be fit for everyday life or fit to race a triathlon, the commonality lies in human form and movement. From beginner to advanced there is a scientific approach to progression. The Fitness Cell team emphasizes their education in kinesiology to transform you safely and effectively. While no two session are the same, each will vary with a planned progression as part of a comprehensive program.

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